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About Us

MHY ALM Medical was established in Istanbul in 2006. The headquarters of our company is in Istanbul. It continues to provide quality, reliable and honest service since its establishment.

Alm Medical continues to serve the Turkish health sector and the world health sector by developing its product portfolios in the fields of personal protective products and hygiene and by constantly updating this structure, it can instantly respond to the demand for change in the market.

Our Vision

To keep the satisfaction of our patient and customer portfolio at the highest level and to provide an exemplary health service with its structure that can reach wider masses, add new values to itself with an ongoing understanding, and aim to offer quality products and services to everyone.

By analyzing the dynamics of the medical sector in the best way, we continuously and clearly create the value we add to all our stakeholders and the sector under the most appropriate commercial conditions with an understanding that "preserves the identity of a reliable institution, long-term, unconditional, based on patient and customer satisfaction, does not compromise professionalism and quality" to increase.


Our Mission

Alm Medical is to become a brand in health by following the medical and technological developments in its field, specializing in reflecting the latest innovations to its products, updating scientific and technological developments, making a difference in the sector with international quality standards without compromising ethical principles.

Providing services to domestic and foreign customers in the national and international arena in line with the requirements of the age in world standards, diversifying and improving the service quality, without compromising the principles of quality, trust, human health, respectability and full customer satisfaction, Alm Medical brand in the market with professional investments to bring it to the position of a wanted company